What vibrations create today’s structure?

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Please look at the moving of impulse through the transformation of vibrations during the five days period.

It is easy to see that each vibration has the “day of birth”:

GB, SP and HT were born today;
LI and BL – with yesterday’s impulse of GB;
LR, PC and SI were born 2 days ago;
ST and KI – 3 days ago,
LU and TE – 4 days ago.

How can we use this information?

– At least this structure allows getting understanding the correct moment when the Qi distortion may be occurred and became visible:
– diseases of GB, SP and HT will have the power today or in 5 days,
– LI and BL will get symptoms tomorrow;
– LR, PC and SI – after tomorrow,
– ST and KI – in 3 days,
– LU and TE – in 4 days.

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