March 10, 2016

Buy equipment

1. Mobile application of pulse metabolic analysis (PMA)


  • Pulse spectral analysis in your pocket,
  • Holistic Objective approach in assessing the state of an organism,
  • Available for the widest range of regular users and practitioners,
  • The cost of the first year of service is USD 198.00 including a special Bluetooth sensor and shipment fee,
  • From the second year, the cost of monthly maintenance is USD 9.00.

The Order procedure:

– Send the request to

– We provide you with a link of payment details to pay for the sensor and connecting to the service.

– When the sensor arrives, you will receive a download link for the mobile application and installation instructions.



 Video how Pulse Metabolic Analysis works


2. Interpretation service

  • Pulse Academy provides the interpretation of the pulse data. It may be useful for any doctor or a patient who is interested in an alternative and independent point of view in a definite case of disease  (this proposal is valid only for PMA users).
  • One case  – USD 10.00
  • Year service for one person is USD 980.00
3. Other conditions
  • We guarantee money back for the sensors for 8 weeks from the moment of a sensor being shipped to you. Certainly, a returned sensor must be in working condition.
  • Transportation expenses, bank remittance, and service fees are for the account of a customer.

Transportation details

  • Transportation expenses and custom’s duties are for the account of a Customer. Usually, we deliver sensors via EMS, DHL or UPS courier service, but you can select other methods of delivery.

Payment methods

  • Wire Transfer to the bank account;
  • PayPal;
  • Visa or MasterCard;
  • Any payment system similar to Western Union if it provides service at Saint-Petersburg and Vladivostok (Russia).