March 10, 2016

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Here is the store of materials regarding the progress of PMA development

(penetration behind the mist)


A hypothesis explaining the features of the standard DNA code through deciphering the nature of the I-Ching (Book of Changes)


The hypothesis regarding the metabolic functional dynamics of the elements of the doctor Samokhotskiy in correlation with so-called Chinese Five Elements


The article gives an explanation of the place of electromagnetic millimeter waves (EMW) therapy frequencies in the general field of natural resonances described by the musical theory of ancient China 12 Lu. It has been suggested in which cases it is better to use each frequency. The association of EMW frequencies with the acupuncture meridians of traditional Chinese medicine and the Tridosha of Indian Ayurveda is given.


The study is intended to show the physical interconnection of the Chinese music system 12-Lu with the Doppler hypothesis of the origin of acupunctural meridians. The work gives numerical characteristics of vibrations of meridians, which allow calculating the required frequency for the organization of therapeutic effects.


The cubic model of the 12 Chinese meridians shows a tight correlation with physics, the Five elements of Chinese medicine and tridosha of Ayurveda (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).


The article “Space fundamentals of longevity” represents the color model of Doppler effect, which demonstrates the principle of formation of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine on the base of Six types of frequencies (Qi) as a result of the physical law of colors composition. Also, examples of proving the correctness of the model are given.


The article “Elements of Life” offers a hypothesis about the relationship between the phenomenon of traditional Chinese medicine with physical laws. It shows the principle of forming a sequence of daily activity of the acupuncture meridians as a consequence of the Doppler effect in the process of flowing around the planet Earth by cosmic wind (by Aether). In accordance with this specification, the daily structure of meridians had been built. It is suggested that the essence of the Chinese Qi (Chi) are vibrations of a certain range in the medium. Consequently, it became possible to set the interrelation of frequencies of the visible spectrum with certain meridians. It is shown that the topological relationship of ancient (barrier) points of the Five Elements (Wu-Shu points) are associated with the wavelengths of the so-called Qi. It is shown also that the essence of the Wu-Xing law is based on daily circulation patterns of meridians. The examples of the surrounding world, including pulses processes in the human body, are confirming the above-mentioned theses. A correlation diagram between the main elements of Dr. Samohotsky A.S. (dissertation “The experience of the definition of medical laws”, 1946) and the Five Elements of traditional Chinese philosophy is established. The above represented hypothesizes are yet introduced in practice in the form of pulse spectral analysis system.


The article “Simple association of the genetic code  and hexagrams of the Book of Changes (I-Ching)” is based on the provisions of previous paper “The genetic code as a structure of the Five elements in Chinese philosophy” where the hypothesis regarding the principles of formation of digrams and trigrams in Chinese philosophy are proposed. It allowed suggesting an idea of digrams and trigrams as a tool for the description of DNA codons in the process of their interaction, each with others as an independent oscillator (objects, generating its own natural frequency). On the basis of this hypothesis it is considered the logic of the structure of trigrams from the Book of Changes (I Ching), the properties Start and Stop codons, and the properties of their position in the general order of the King Wen. It is suggested that hexagrams order of King Wen describes a dynamic of pulse process in the human body as a process of interaction of amino acids which are programmed by codons on the base of frequency (wavelength) peculiarities. In addition, a comparative study of the properties between peptide products (manufactured on the base of research of Institute of Gerontology and Bio-regulation – St. Petersburg) and the scheme of daily activity of codons are represented.


The article “The genetic code as a structure of the Five elements in Chinese philosophy” hypothesizes about the structure of the formation of the DNA codons as a reflection of the wave processes in nature. The paper shows the relationship of elements of Chinese philosophy (in the interpretation of previous work “Elements of Life”) with the structure of the DNA codons. The hypothesis is proposed that formation of the vortex tube of DNA goes under a hydrodynamic effect of stream of ideal liquid (Aether) when liquid flows around the primer of DNA’s chain. It is shown the scheme of activation of DNA codons as a result of order of natural oscillations during a day on the base of their correlation with the structure of Elements in Chinese philosophy. A version of the correlation of each nitrogenous base in the codon with a certain meridian of traditional Chinese medicine on the basis of their spectral matching is represented. This assumption establishes the properties of each nitrogenous base, depending on its position in the codon and such correlation solves the problem of redundancy of amino acids encoding options.