Metabolic processes and Nature

What is Metabolism?     Metabolism – is the set of chemical reactions that occur in living organisms in order to maintain life. These processes allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments. Metabolism is divided into two categories Catabolism – this process yields energy, an example being the breakdown Read more about Metabolic processes and Nature[…]

Short description of pulse wave processes

Theoretical statements of Pulse Wave Model (PWM): Element – some independent part of the whole object in the space. Elementary model of any solid object (cube) consists of 6 types of independent parts in our 3-dimensional space in accordance with number of sides of the cube; Qi – streams of inflowing or outflowing energies of Read more about Short description of pulse wave processes[…]

Correlation between functions and organs in Chinese Medicine

There are Five Elements (Phases) in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each phase has individual mode. Modes are reflected in peculiarities of functional systems in organism. It means there are only Five types of Systems wich operate and support entity of any living object. Each Elements is devided into the pair of systems. It is representation of Read more about Correlation between functions and organs in Chinese Medicine[…]