November 21, 2014


This section provides instructions and installation files for the Pulse Metabolic Analysis (PMA) software.

The PMA software works with special sensors. The sensor helps to take a pulse signal of a person or animal.

The output of the software is the values ​​of the deviations of 12 meridians. Twelve meridians are necessary and sufficient numbers of parameters to describe the functional integrity of a living organism. More detailed theoretical information can be obtained in the “Research Room” section of this site.

The values ​​of deviations of the meridians may be interesting for practitioners of oriental medicine. Also, the PMA software has the ability to calculate the balance of trace elements, amino acids and several types of diets with the “Recipe” function.

            1. Installation manual for the PMA-BT (Bluetooth) software
            2. PMA-BT software for the Bluetooth pulse oximeters;
            3. PMA-BT software User Manual;
            4. PMA-BT software – Appendix 1  to User Manual;
            5. Bluetooth driver for the PMA-BT software;
            6. PMA software for the wired sensor;
            7. PMA User Manual;
            8. Video. How to install the sensor in the PMA software;
            9. Drivers for PMA version for wired sensors;
            10. Presentation of LifeTracker – mobile pulse analysis at Android platform;
            11. Android application of the LifeTracker software;
            12. LifeTracker User Manual;
            13. LifeTracker data interpretation Manual;
            14. Metabolic Interpretation Guide Of LifeTracker Data;
            15. Presentation regarding the physical core of 12 meridians;
            16. How to refresh license at the sensor;





          1.    Installation password:26389617


          3.       Installation password:  26389617. Please read the detailed manual in “Help” section inside the software.

          4. How to install the sensor in the PMA software

          5. Drivers for the wired sensors (both drivers must be installed):


          6.  Presentation of LifeTracker – mobile pulse analysis at Android platform

              1.  How to refresh license at the wired sensor

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