Cargo cult of the Chinese calendar

The well-known solar-lunar Chinese calendar is of great value for profound adherents of Oriental philosophy. But the fact that the bulk of people perceives it as just a way of keeping track of time is a special form of carefully cultivated ignorance.

In fact, the calendar contains rhythms (including daily as circadian ones), which are dictated by the variability of frequency characteristics at each phase of a closed cycle – rotation. And it does not matter whether it is a daily, lunar or annual cycle – they all have the same structure since it is based on the physics of the Doppler effect when rotating in a stream of moving electromagnetic fields in the surrounding space.

What is the use of knowing the details of such a cycle?

We will not say that this knowledge can be applied to the organization of effective social activity – now in the collective suicidal madness, it is useless. But targeted personal health management is completely trivial.

The vibrational patterns of the cycle predetermine the activity of the corresponding amino acids, which, as basic structures created on the basis of DNA, at specified times form a picture of the body’s biochemical reactions in all the details of its manifestation.
In this case, the effect of amino acids has different scales of activity – depending on the superposition of the phase space of different cycles. Actually, Feng Shui speaks of the Four Pillars of Destiny, implying 4 different cycles.
Accurate adjustment of human biochemistry to the mentioned cycles is the key to health. If amino acids are activated for any reason at a different time, the synchronicity of all processes is disrupted, the body ceases to correspond to external rhythms, loses vibrational energy and dies.

And your biochemistry can be controlled by understanding which amino acids are activated at a certain phase of the cycle. In particular, it is possible to put under control the tumor processes that arise in the process of RNA replication due to the fact that the vibrational spectra of the DNA stop codons responsible for the timely inhibition of division functions are disrupted.
The appendix contains a calendar that shows the relationship of 11 amino acids at specific intervals. The correspondences are calculated in accordance with the I Ching hypothesis, taking into account three consecutive periods of appropriate activities of meridians in the daily cycle.

Let’s comment on the name of the hexagrams associated with certain amino acids.
(The meridians are given in accordance with the Doppler model

1- Heart Meridian, amino acid Threonine, hexagram 60 – “Limitation”, “Articulating”, “Moderation”. In the I Ching, this is interpreted as a limitation in the choice of opportunity. Indeed, the external forces that set the rhythms of the new cycle are currently strong (Yang of Wood) and predetermine the further course of events.

2- Meridian of the Small intestine, amino acid Threonine, hexagram 41 – “Decrease”, Diminishing”. The I Ching is interpreted as a state of some achievement, after which there will be fewer resources and it will be necessary to spend them more economically in order to be ready for the challenges of fate. Indeed, the meridian of the Small intestine is the heyday of the Wood element – the period of the initial transformation of the energy of the external impulse and it’s converting into the metabolic activity of the organism.

3- Meridian of the Gallbladder, amino acid Alanine, hexagram 27 – “Nourishment”, “Swallowing”, “jaws” and “comfort/security”. The I Ching is interpreted as the need to focus on the inner world. This is the time to concentrate on assimilating the received energy. It is the Yang of Earth element in the Doppler model of meridians.

4- Liver Meridian, Aspartic amino acid, hexagram 30 – “Radiance”, “The clinging, fire”, “The net”. The interpretation speaks of the completeness of the possibilities. In the daily cycle, this is the Doppler model it the flowering of the Fire element at the upper level of the hierarchy (sum of vibration of Liver and Gall bladder meridians).

5- Lungs Meridian, Aspartic amino acid, hexagram 55 – “Abundance”, “Fullness”. The interpretation speaks of the peak of achievements. “The sun needs to be in the middle of its path” – in the annual cycle, this period falls on the day of the summer solstice. In the daily circulation of the Doppler model Lungs and Large intestine forms the Earth element of the upper level of hierarchy.

6- Large intestine meridian, Tyrosine amino acid, hexagram 32 – “Constancy”, Persevering”, “Duration”. It is interpreted as a need to consolidate achievements. Half of the cycle is passed. On the other hand, this quality manifests the Earth element.

7- Stomach Meridian, amino acid Cysteine, hexagram 46 – Ascending”, “Pushing upward”. We are at the pinnacle of opportunity, but it is necessary to plan for the future and introduce more efforts to get aim. The stomach is a part of the Metal element of the upper level of the hierarch in the doppler model.

8- Pancreas meridian, stop codon UGA, hexagram 57 – “Ground”, “The gentle”, “Calculations”, “Penetration”. The I Ching says that it is time to part with what has been achieved and set off for new achievements. Metal in Doppler model (sum of Yang of Water and Yin of Earth), autumn in the annual cycle, wilting of vegetation and all life processes. In the body, it accompanies the process of stopping RNA replication.

9- Meridian of the Pericardium, amino acid Arginine, hexagram 53 – “Infiltrating”, “Development (gradual progress)” and “Advancement”. It is interpreted as a change in the environment, just like leaf experiences carried away by the flow of a river. The onset of the element of Water (in the Doppler model it is the synthesis of Pericardium and Triple Energizer vibrations) is the fragmentation of the old and the formation of the new things.

10- Meridian of Triple Energizer, amino acid Leucine, hexagram 12 – “Obstruction”, “Standstill (Stagnation)” and “Selfish persons”, In I-Ching “The flowering of all vital forces is behind.” The time of the traditional afternoon, period of Yang Metal in the Doppler model.

11- Meridian of the Urinary Bladder, amino acid Leucine, hexagram 35 – “Prospering”, “Progress”. It is interpreted as the culmination of the development of several past situations (cycles). This is the period of the birth of the new. The period is associated with the beginning of the sexagesimal cycle, which for a day results in a five-day period, and for a year in 60 years. In the research paper of the I-Ching origin, Urinary bladder is the main nucleo-base (middle base of standard DNA code for the start codone AUG

12- Kidney Meridian, amino acid Methionine, hexagram 58 – “Open”, “The joyous” and “Usurpation”. I Ching about the coming of a joyful event. Perigee in the annual cycle, when the Earth, moving away from the Sun, begins to move towards summer, the developing of the new cycle. Start codon AUG, encoding the start of RNA replication.

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