The results of NASA’s twins’ study experiment that could be predicted

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Of all the experimental results, two points are noteworthy that could be predicted from the point of view of the Aetheric hypothesis of the existence of life on Earth.

1. Elongation of telomeres (which are believed to be an indicator of the number of possible cell divisions, which means they determine the duration of life).

– The ether hypothesis states that the density of Aether in space is higher than on the surface of the Earth, and it is this state of affairs that causes the flow of Aether into the planet, creating gravity. It is assumed that the organism itself is a kind of rarefaction of the Aether – the Aether bubble, a region of cavitation of the Aether, where there is the possibility of condensation of matter. The existence of such an aethereal bubble is determined by the magnitude of the gradient between the external and internal environment, and at the case of death, this gradient becomes zero – as a result, the cause of the movement of the substance at the body level disappears. But with an increase of external aetheric pressure, the gradient between the external and internal environment also increases, and consequently, the power of circulation of Aether flows inside the body increases. It leads to the growth of telomeres. It can be assumed that the longevity phenomenon of people living high in the mountains is associated with a lower rate of telomere reduction.

The experiment has a positive color because it confirms in fact that the creation of conditionally eternal life technology is possible.

2. About seven percents of genes have not yet returned to the pre-flight state. This result arose solely because of the neglect of the vibrational properties of the external Aether medium on the Earth surface, which ensures the metabolic synchronization of all body systems during the day. The body actually had to function on ÔÇťautopilot”. It is assumed that the creation of an artificial analog of the vibrant Aetheric daily background will solve this problem.

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