Biorhythmic aspects of pulse spectral diagnostics

It is well-known fact that living organism has biorhythmic laws of existence. The whole traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based on these principles and modern medical science step by step obtains new facts and extends the idea of this subject. For example in the 2017 Nobel Prize In Medicine was awarded to 3 Americans for work on circadian rhythm:

But from the point of view of our research experience, we see the laureates have made the logically wrong assumption of the self-organization of the internal clock, which in no way explains the existence of biorhythms in the absence of light signals changing day and night. The emphasis on self-organization puts the cart before the horse, violates the cause-and-effect relationship of the development of events in our physical world. As we have shown in our work – in fact, the molecular mechanisms of biorhythms in living organisms are excited by external vibrations of the environment produced by Doppler’s effect in the stream of cosmic wind (the article “The Elements of Life”).

This environment at each moment of time has a unique spectrum of oscillations in the daily circulation and excites electromagnetic oscillations precisely in those molecular structures that resonate with the current external oscillations. And exactly the external rhythms provide with the energy the metabolic cycles in organism literally every moment inside the time frame of a daily cycle.

We have prepared another research of biorhythms in association with their true nature. You are welcome to read our new research HERE.

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