Electromagnetic millimeter wave (EMW) therapy in the perspective of Chinese musical theory 12 Lu and 12 acupuncture meridians

Electromagnetic millimeter-wave (EMW)  therapy is a biophysical theory that studies the mechanisms of exposure of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of the millimeter range (1 – 10 mm, 30 – 300 GHz) of low intensity to a living organism, as well as medical practice that uses the effects of this treatment as a cure of various diseases.

It was established experimentally that the three main frequencies with wavelengths of 4.9 mm, 5.6 mm and 7.1 mm have the greatest therapeutic effect.

Countless hypotheses about the mechanism of action of EMW therapy have been published. But, since they are based on the distorted principles of official physics, the use of this type of treatment up to the present day, remains is rare with the difficult prediction of the results.

It is supposed that theories do not fully correspond to real processes.

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