Metabolic cycle of twelve acupuncture meridians

Traditional Chinese Medicine is not operated by terms of modern science and it is a reason why the rich heritage of ancient knowledge is blocked for the most part of healthcare specialists. Frankly speaking, discussion regarding if acupuncture can treat or can not treat, up to our opinion, It’s like trying to herd cats. Anybody who tried to practice acupuncture knows the effect. We see here only one problem that makes acupuncture sometimes unpredictable – we know yet a very few part of the whole thing. TCM canons are child’s stories of the real physical Manual how our bodies are working. I very frequent wondered, why the space shuttle before the launching is prepared by many thousands of professionals, but when the patient is seating before the doctor, the decision takes only single person. Is it not kidding you? Indeed, shuttle is simply like a nail in comparing with the complexity of even bacteria, no speaking about our organisms.

But it is a long introduction to the short representation. In one of our last work “The genetic code as a structure of the Five elements in Chinese philosophy” (download here) we have discovered the order of acupuncture meridians in terms of metabolic phases It is represented at fig. 14 (page 17) of the article. Below here is the order in form of chart of meridian’s activity in daily circulation:



Where abbreviation are as following:

Element:              Yin systems                     Yang systems      

Wood :                     Liver – LR;                           Gall Bladder – GB;

Fire:                         Heart – HT;                          Small Intestine – SI;

Earth:                      Pancreas – SP;                     Stomach – ST;

Metal:                      Lungs – LU;                         Large Intestine – LI;

Water:                     Kidneys – KI;                       Urinary Bladder –  BL;

Fire-Minister:        Pericardium – PC;              Triple Energizer (Blood) – TE


As you clearly can see each meridian and associated organ has definite shift during metabolic oscillation and exactly these shifts form the complex of individual biorhythms of everybody.

From the other hand, these biorhythms depends of Doppler effect and with some differences this order is common for all  healthy living organisms at the same longitude of the Earth.

Thus, the sole true holistic approach to maintain the solid well-being is follow to the natural rhythms owing to Earth rotation in the space. And the tool to measure these biorhythms is Pulse Metabolic Analysis (PMA)

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