What the Red Monkey 2016 says?

Hello, dear guest!

I would like to wish you all the best on the 2016 and next Oriental New Year of Red Monkey!

What is the ancient Oriental philosophy says regarding this matter?:

“Monkey – willful, capricious and unpredictable – it’s hard to guess what she was thinking. Her actions are absolutely unpredictable and can change depending on the mood – it is as good and fun as well as aggressive and angry. Monkey – creature that everything has to deal with…”

The Red Monkey is a symbol of conjugation of Red Heavenly Stem (frequencies of Universe) and Monkey Earth Branch (frequency on the Earth surface). The Monkey Branch Qi is active in daily circulation at period from 03.00 p.m. to 05.00 p.m. This period is associated with activity of Urinary Bladder in Chinese Traditional Medicine. In accordance with our research the colour of the Monkey Branch has also Red vibrations:


Thus, Red Monkey has doubled Red vibrations (complete resonance between Heavens and Earth). This year will be extreme as for good, so far for bad events, when the peculiarity of monkey’s character is manifested at a verydefinite way. Why the Monkey is so changeable? As you can find in our above mentioned research – the red vibrations are associated with the Calcium ion and Wind Qi. Indeed, Calcium promotes movement functions at any living cell due to direct participation in the process of contraction of cell’s structures. Excess of Calcium is especially visible at diabetes situation (please follow our next research of 105 cases at


when the person has excess of metabolic calcium on the background of glucose excess in blood. This Calcium excess is supposed as adaptive reaction of organism to reduce the dangerous process of non-enzymatic glycosylation, when all parts of organism become less flexible and more rigid. The rigid structures make all tissues less penetrable for liquids – nutrients can not go normally into cells and at the same time toxins cannot leave it – the cell is gradually collapsing and aging processes develop very fast. Excess of glucose and Calcium predict the Red Monkey’s behavior – energy in form of glucose and relentless movement ability make Monkey a very unpredictable beings and at the same time it helps to burn glucose out and protect her cells from non-enzymatic glycosylation.

That’s is why the future year will bring so many anxiety for all. People who will not able to compensate the side effect of Calcium and glucose excess are doomed to turn into monkeys :-). How to be happy and healthy next year? – it is a simple way: suppress Calcium with Magnesium supplements and take off all products with glycemic index more then 40 units from your diet.

Health and Prosperity to you and your family next Red Monkey Year!!!

Best regards, Sergei Fedotov, Pulse Academy.

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