Short description of pulse wave processes

Theoretical statements of Pulse Wave Model (PWM):

Element – some independent part of the whole object in the space. Elementary model of any solid object (cube) consists of 6 types of independent parts in our 3-dimensional space in accordance with number of sides of the cube;

Qi – streams of inflowing or outflowing energies of the Element. Flows of energies (Qi) between objects in the space have harmonic character alongside with the time flow. It means the ideal quantity inflowing or outflowing energy of the Element is submitted to some ideal changes;

Deformation – inclination of Qi value from ideal meanings;

Pulse – dynamic sum of energues of ALL 6 Qi during the period of cycle. If ALL 6 Qi are balanced, the Pulse has ideal shape. The ideal shape indicates ideal balance between inner part of the whole object and outer cosmos;

The Pulse Academy has developed special type of tensor analysis of pulse wave, which allows to reveal degree of deformations of ideal shape in signal at any cyclic process of oscillation of energy at given object.
From the pulse model we can understand the role of the Fire-Minister Qi – It is a result of mutual interaction of other Five Qi of Elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water to maintain balance between inner and outer spaces.

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