Metabolic processes and Nature

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism – is the set of chemical reactions that occur in living organisms in order to maintain life. These processes allow organisms to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments.

Metabolism is divided into two categories

– this process yields energy, an example being the breakdown of food in cellular respiration.
– it is opposite process, it uses the energy of catabolism to construct components of cells such as proteins and nucleic acids.


Stable existence of organism is provided by energy equivalence of catabolic and anabolic processes. It means the quantity of absorbed energy during anabolic processes must be equal to quantity of eradiated energy during catabolic ones. The energy received from food is covering loose of energy and spending to make some work

E eradiated = Е absorbed

Evolution constructed living organism in a manner that quantity of structures in state of anabolism is always equal quantity of structures in state of catabolism. There are only some fluctuations of metabolic processes to arrange rhythm of living activity – predominance of anabolic activity at night to restore energy and predominance of catabolic activity during the day to perform work of life.

On the picture below we have presented possible disposition of anabolic and catabolic areas on the body. During definite period of metabolism these parts are chaning their status.

Quantity of cells in catabolism = Quantity of cells in anabolism

At the same time, structuring of living organism is provided by peculiarities of our three dimensional space. Any body has surface, where high density gradient between internal and external part of space is placed. This gradient serves as a mirror for different kind of energy inside the body. A specific system of standing and running waves fill the whole inner space. Interference of these waves creates dynamic cyclic picture of areas with absorbtion and eradiation of energy.

Parameters of interference picture depend on physical peculiarities as follow:

  • Density of medium where the energy is moving. More high density has more high speed of waves
  • Geometrical dimensions of object.
  • Dynamic of changes of density of environment. It suppresses or depresses the object and change density of medium in the object.

As far as Universe space energetically has predominance absolutely, evolution of metabolic processes was developed on the way of coordination with changes of interference lattice in the object. Exactly this fact is used by all Oriental medicines in their theories of Qi (Ki, Chi) existence. Structure and dynamic of interference lattice in the body has absolute harmony of equivalence of areas with excess and lack of energy. Any violation of synchronization between metabolic processes and changing parameters of interference lattice, causes loose of energy of metabolic processes. Loose of energy decrease vitality of cells and they are subjected to intrusion of viruses, bacteria and parasites. Disease is arising. System of interfering waves creates only 12 types of local patterns in the body. Each pattern has individual order of metabolic activity. These patterns are named in traditional Chinese medicine as a channels or meridians. Two of 12 meridians have special quality to unify result of interaction of 10 main meridians. These two meridiansls represent the whole body before environment from point of view of energy. The law of energy conservation requires the action outward the body and action inside the body are equal. Only in this case the membrane of living organism will save it entity. The deal is more complicated because this equilibrium must be supported during all changes in the Universe.

Short description of Pulse Metabolic Analyzer

The group of researchers of the Pulse Academy invented the method of measuring the energy state of 10 main meridians with help of special acoustic sensor. This sensor is placed on several points on both hands of man.


Special mathematical algorithm determines places with eradiation and absorbtion of energy. This method is almost similar like well known one in cartography and astronomy as method of circles of positions.

The chart of metabolic activity of ten main meridians (meridians) is result of calculation.

The Pulse Metabolic Analyzer consists of:
  • special acoustic USB sensor like a pen
  • analyzing software,
  • personal computer with Windows OS.

Get know the price and wonder.

Several words regarding correction of metabolic state of meridians.

The most relevant information regarding correction of metabolic processes in meridians is stored by ancient Oriental medicines, especially, by Traditional Chinese Medicine, where methods of correction are described directly.

Nevertheless, any action of western doctor may be classified in terms of activity of ten meridians and this huge work is coming.

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