Pulse spectral analysis from a perspective of 2020 socio-economic disasters

Medicine will become a real science only after solving the mechanism of the origin of life.

Here there is a tiny contribution to the solution of this problem.

Studies of the phenomena of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have led to the emergence of hypotheses that stipulate the law of daily activity of acupuncture meridians on the base of models of Universal Aether and the Doppler effect that arise in the Aether stream when our planet rotates around its axis [1].

The existence of the world Aether explains the presence of gravity (erroneously called by the term “attraction” in modern physics). More plausible is the idea that gravity is caused by the movement of the Aether wind in the center of the planet. The Aether wind is manifested in form of a sail effect when it creates a force that presses all objects to the surface of the Earth.

A logical question arises:

“And where does all the Aether that flows towards inside the planet disappear?”

– The answer is simple and almost obvious – all the inflowing Aether goes to the synthesis of chemical elements. This process always begins with the formation of protons, which, depending on the spectrum of vibrations and the general density of the Aether wind, participate in the synthesis of the appropriate chemical elements. This assumption echoes the theory of hydride Earth by V.N.Larin[2], which attempts to explain the fact of the constant release of hydrogen from the bowels of the planet into the atmosphere.

Due to the constant synthesis of chemical elements, the amount of matter inside the Earth is constantly growing, causing an increase in the geometric dimensions of our planet. The substance seeks to occupy the surrounding space, breaking out from the planet outward in the form of gases forming the atmosphere, in the form of green prominences of grass and trees, in the form of living organisms, and in the form of people dreaming of interplanetary spaces. Expansion in all manifestations of being is a fundamental physical consequence of the compensation of the Aether pressure and a manifestation of the Le Chatelier-Brown principle.

If you take a closer look at the events and phenomena of life, you can notice other effects that arise from the action of Aether. Aether creates not only the chemical elements of our material world but also organizes their functions in a very specific way.

Let us evaluate the structure of the pulse wave in the form known to all as the photo-sphygmograms [3] from a certain point of view (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Photo-sphygmogram of pulse wave.

How can this pulse waveform be interpreted?

– obviously, if we take into account the hypothesis of the presence of external  Aether pressure – the points v1, v2, v3 on the graph will be the moments of increased ether pressure, and the sawtooth shape of the pulse will be formed by the fronts v1 – P, v2 –T, v3 –D at the moments of falling pressure.

Answering the question about the reasons for the sharp drop in Aether pressure, we can appeal to the types of chemical reactions that are, from an energy point of view, either endothermic (going with energy absorption) or exothermic (generating energy). Taking into account that energy is a physical measure of the momentum, it is easy to come to the conclusion that a periodic dropping of the Aether pressure can be a consequence of a pulse of proton synthesis in the depths of the Earth at a time when the pressure of the Ether has reached a certain critical value.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that the pulsation process in living organisms itself occurs solely for an external reason and there is no even a tiny sign of so-called self-organization of the processes in relation to chemical reactions. There is the alternation of periods of pulsed synthesis of chemical elements (protons) and relatively long periods of decay of the synthesized elements. The process of changing of Aether pressure over time forms a fractal tree, on the branches of which the pulses of all living beings are distributed in the whole variety of their own frequencies.

In the light of such a physical paradigm of the origin of the pulse waveform, it is interesting to look at the structure of stock signals, known as “Elliott waves” [4]:

Fig. 2. The structure of the Elliott’s waves.

It is easy to note that the structure of the stock’s commodity price is identical to the shape of the pulse wave of sphygmogram (see Fig. 2, points 1-2 are similar to the front of the pulse signal, and points 2-3 correspond to its falling segment). Such coincidences are unlikely and once again confirm the common base of all the physical phenomena of our world, based on the physics of Aether motion. From an expanded perspective, these phenomena are predetermined and it is actually formalized by the hexagrams of the “Book of Changes” (I-Ching), where each line is supposed to correspond to a specific spectrum of Aether vibrations. The combination of the vibrations in the spectrum at the moment determines the behavior of the oscillatory system in the future.

Each Aether pressure rating is a resonant compartment, a locus of a certain frequency. With increasing Aether pressure, the modulus of the resonance frequency increases.

Living organisms differ from nonliving at the following peculiarity – as complex resonant systems living organisms able to use changes in the rhythms of Aether pressure in order to maintain their functional integrity. For this aim, living systems have adapted to synthesize the necessary substances at moments of Aether dropping of pressure and then use the synthesized materials during periods of relatively high pressure to search for food and making other activities that support the life process. Thus, the natural behavior of a living organism as a resonant system is completely predetermined by external natural rhythms. Violation of natural rhythm is punishable by a rapid loss of vibrational energy, expressed in the loss of health (metabolic balance) and it is accompanied by premature death.

The inevitability of the action of natural Aether pressure rhythms is noticeable even on economic activity in the form of synchronous changes in the prices of exchange-traded instruments. This is completely logical since economic activity lies directly in the sphere of activity of living people whose functionality is predetermined by the rhythms of the Aether’s wave motion.

From the above-represented position, the physical model of the organism should be a circuit diagram of chains of oscillators. Oscillators are excited at a certain nominal of Aether pressure and transfer the accumulated vibrational energy in form of electrons orderly movements to the next oscillator, corresponding to the new pressure rating. It is supposed exactly this mechanism underlies the wave-like motion of the excitation of pulse in all parts and systems of the organism, including the mechanisms of movement of fluids and blood.

The primitive approach of professional sanitary engineers and plumbers based on the hydraulic theories of fluid movement in the body may have a place in an extremely narrow range of permissible conditions, but they are completely unpromising for the understanding of real processes in living tissue.

The apparent five-phases nature of the pulse wave (it can be seen in the sphygmogram in Fig. 1 as the following segments:  P-v2, v2-T, T-v3, v3-D, D-v1). This structure reflects the qualities of our three-dimensional space. Oscillators form a cubic structure where five faces coordinate with the external medium through the sixth face. The sixth face serves as a window for transmitting vibrational energy both inside and outside for the cavity resonator, similar to what happens in the magnetron chamber of a microwave (microwave) generator. The five-phase pulse wave is also the manifestation of the Five Elements TCM theory – the cargo cult description of the physical processes of oscillations in a resonator of three-dimensional space, and that is why without objective measurements this theory is almost impossible to use. Most Chinese regard this theory as a cultural heritage.

The electrical circuit diagram, supporting fluctuations in the structure of the pulse wave, may look as follows:

Fig. 3. Electric model of Acupuncture Meridian Oscillators

In this scheme (an even system of meridians of TCM is represented here) – the functional system through which the exchange of vibrational energies proceeds with the environment is Pericardium. The Pericardium is triggered during changes of the Aether pressure in the medium. During the phase of the Pericardium activity, a vacuum is created in the venous circulatory system  (Pericardium is associated with the venous system). This action increases the potential for blood movement in the arterial system [5]. The Pericardium phase forms the front of the sphygmogram of the pulse wave and consists of three segments [6] (see Fig. 4).

Fig. 4. 3-phase front of pulse wave (it is usually smoothed for a healthy person)

This period coincides with the structure of the Eliiott’s waves (see Fig. 2) – phases 1-A, AB, BC.

The front of pulse triggers the first oscillator (in this case it is the meridian of the Urinary Bladder). Urinary Bladder, in accordance with changes in the Aether pressure in the external environment, must transfer the vibrational energy towards the next oscillator associated with the Heart. Further, the vibrational energy over time, synchronously with changes in the parameters of the external pressure, will follow through all the remaining four oscillators, and in the end it will resonate again with the Pericardium (at the frequency like at the beginning multiplied by 2). The cycle closes simultaneously with the arrival of the next impulse of changes of the Aether pressure in the environment.

Thus, the total number of oscillators in the system is equal to eight. The TCM theory has information on the properties of eight trigrams, which in our model correspond to local oscillators of the 3-dimensional resonator (according to the number of vertices of the cube). Combinations frequencies of local oscillators form the interference frequencies of each face of a cubic oscillator.

The structure of biological oscillators is formed by a genetic apparatus consisting of a set of 64 codons [7].

All of the above-described models show the inextricable association of the living organisms with the physics of the wave motion of the Aether manifested in oscillations.

Health is the ability of a living organism to form and maintain its resonant structures in such a way as to correspond to every moment of the dynamics of Aether density. Oscillations of the Aether are an unlimited source of energy. And while the structures of a living organism resonate with the order of these vibrations – like musical string together with the tuning fork – life can last indefinitely.

The only limitation is the ability of a living organism to adapt quickly when the wave parameters of the Aether change during the evolution of the Universe. The death of a living organism is a natural result of the loss of synchronization with the Aether vibrations. And the tasks of the Future Medicine will be not he treatment some endless sorts of misunderstood symptoms, but the search for mechanisms of independent accelerated adaptation of the body as a complex of biological oscillators to constantly changing parameters of the Aether vibrations in the medium.

Exactly this ability to maintain the synchronism of resonance processes both inside the body between organs and functional systems, and in relation to the external Aether medium will ensure the integrity and continuity of biological existence.

In the light of the represented here oscillation model of the organism’s structure, we have the right to discuss regarding the causes of viral and bacterial epidemics. It is known, “that human evolution took place along with the trillions of microbes that inhabit the human body and create complex, adaptive ecosystems fitted to the environment in form the host’s body, which are precisely tuned to the permanently changing physiology of the organism. The microbiota imbalance is associated with numerous diseases, including inflammatory bowel diseases, multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, allergies, asthma, autism, cancer, etc. ”[9].

What can happen to microbiota in the case of loss by an organism of resonance of biological oscillators on the background of changes of environmental rhythms? Certainly, a microbiota, due to its higher adaptability and due to shorter life and reproduction cycles, is likely to be ready to produce fast and an immediate effect on the structures of organisms in order to prevent the leakage of vibrational energy as the main life resource. And the quickest way to restore synchronization will be only horizontal gene transfer [9]. It will give the opportunity to accelerate the construction of new modernized structures of organisms to get full vibrational correspondence with the external environment. Such an ambulance allows to organism to restore the oscillatory energy in close symbiotic cooperation with microbiota. Thus, the penetration of the virus into the cell is supposed a win-win process aimed at surviving in collaboration. This is a logical method of accelerated adaptation to the rhythms of the environment. And from this point of view, the symptoms of the disease are the active phase of the metabolic processes to carry out the “burning” of “garbage” of inadequate biological oscillators. The “garbage” is actively replaced with the help of the DNA of viruses to repair and correct the DNA of the host to synthesize new resonant structures. Such a situation in the paradigm of modern Western medicine will look like a process of acquiring immunity.

From the point of view of the truth of the presented here hypothesis, it is proved by the very fact of the mass disease. This can be explained by a certain factor that begins to act simultaneously on a large population of living organisms. The author suggests such a factor as a global change in the resonant characteristics of the surrounding Aether medium. In order to continue their biological existence, living organisms are forced to adapt quickly and sick and weak organisms, as a rule, are faced before an impossible task.

With such development of events, quarantine measures are harmful in all aspects. An organism that has not received the possibility of adjustment (immunity) remains at risk of rapid death in the new wave cycle of the Aether. At the same time, the infrastructure of the economy is collapsing. Changes in the Aether pressure usually lead to dramatic climate changes. An economy destroyed by ignorant quarantine voluntarism may not be able to cope with this challenge. This is fraught with the collapse of civilization and a return to a primitive society with high mortality and the need for animal-like biological survival for many years.

Vaccination due to unawareness of the real resonant physics of the Aether is doomed to failure and will increase mortality in the relatively long run. And On the other hand vaccination increases the possibility of a real pandemic due to decreased immune level with wrong vaccine formulas. Moreover, there is a huge question regarding the quality of food – the remedy usually each human uses at least 3 times a day. Why we must use vaccines but not healthy food and vitamins? And there is the question – who is WHO in the light of the last fake pandemic?

The work should be carried out in a completely different direction, taking into account the forecasts of changes in resonances in the surrounding Aether environment (this is already possible) and on the basis of the formation of a way of life for people to be more healthy and able to adapt when new conditions in Nature arise. And the technology developed by our research team can help to settle these issues.


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