Fundamental cause of cancer disease

It is well known fact the cancer tissues have alkaline intracellular medium in comparing with acid environment outside cells: the Sources:

From the point of view of metabolism it means that cancer cell is frozen in catabolic phase – for some reason the normal shift between catabolic and anabolic processes is stopped.

Indeed, if we look at the scheme of DNA triplets in their field of distribution at Wen Wan scheme of hexagrams (“Simple association of the genetic code  and hexagrams of the Book of Changes (I-Ching)“), the start and stop DNA triplets work in area of electron deficiency (it is prevail of OH- radicals, alkaline medium and activity of acid proteins):


It means DNA replication is going only on the background of alkaline medium in cells. If the tumor environment is permanently acid due to excess of lactic acid as a result of ATP production in glycolysis process or other reason (for example at case of Liver failure to utilize lactic acid), the electric power station of cancer cell has unlimited resource to divide.

When we know now the fundamental state of cancer cells, it is only one way to cure it naturally:

  • compensate acidity of extracellular medium of cells,
  • provide organism with proper quantity of K+ and Mg++ ions and help them to penetrate into cells (they shift pH balance inside cells into acid direction);
  • stabilize membrane to prevent free penetration of glucose into cells without insulin;
  • promote normal oxygenation of cells;
  • activate Liver functionality to eliminate lactic acid from blood;
  • regulate balance of metabolic phase of all systems to eliminate “frozen catabolic” condition with help of acupuncture.

The Pulse Metabolic Analysis (PMA) is exactly created for the aim to detect the balance between anabolic and catabolic phase and we suggest PMA must be a valuable tool for any holistic practitioner.

In accordance with PMA Manual, the profile of PMA readings of meridians for healthy organism is as follows:

By red line the healthy profile is shown in general.

Here are 2 samples of cancer cases:

a. the sample of Large Intestine cancer:

b. the sample of Urinary Bladder cancer:



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